Since its inception in 2004, Sage Ventures has grown from a modest operation to a comprehensive, full-service  vertically integrated residential development and investment firm. As a large-scale corporation that’s mom-and-pop at heart, we provide our clients with our signature combination of nimble, personalized care and a broad range of opportunities.

Sage Ventures was established with a single acquisition, a dilapidated 35-unit property which we swiftly revitalized and rented to dozens of satisfied tenants. Today, the scope of our services has diversified, reaching far beyond those humble beginnings; our exacting standards of excellence and integrity remain unchanged. Our current portfolio consists of approximately 2,000 units, valued at over $300 million.

As a collaboratively-run corporation, we develop, own, rehabilitate, sell, and manage exceptional properties throughout the greater Baltimore/Washington region. 








Integrity and reliability, the values on which Sage Ventures was founded, have guided – and will continue to guide – every aspect of our business. We uphold the most rigorous ethical standards throughout every stage of every transaction.


As a growing company, we emphasize the importance of balance and thoughtful strategy in every decision we make. The size and dexterity of our team facilitates swift, decisive movement as necessary.


We are firmly committed to providing our stakeholders with the accountability and transparency that they deserve, genuinely viewing and treating them as true partners. We value open, straightforward communication and offer direct access to key team members.



After relocating from his native South Africa to the United States in 1999, Gil received an MBA with a concentration in finance from Johns Hopkins University and set out to establish Sage Ventures in 2004. As an imaginative thinker, he saw untapped potential in the real estate market, where his creative visualization capabilities allow him to see possibilities when others do not; he derives profound satisfaction from watching a vacant piece of land become a thriving, in-demand property.

Under Gil’s masterful direction, Sage Ventures has grown from a modest one-man operation to a flourishing, multi-dimensional company of over 60 employees. Outside of work, Gil is a fitness buff, skiing enthusiast, frequent traveler, and a passionate supporter of Jewish education.

Sam Dinovitz

Vice President

Moshe Marcus

Asset Manager

Manny Librowicz

Director of Acquisitions

Moshe M. Herzog, CPA

Assistant Controller

Moshe Crane

Director of Leasing and Marketing

Rob Wright, CPA

Vice President Controller

Joni Crick

Accounts Payable Manager

Adina Krasner

Staff Accountant

Kisha Hardy


Devorah Glazer


Roy Zimmerman

Director of Construction

Gretta Williams


Julie Cameron

HR Manager

Michael Waranch

Director of Talent Acquisition

Jay Snyder

Regional Property Manager

Franco Suarez

Asset Management Analyst

1777 Reisterstown Rd. Pikesville, MD

1777 Reisterstown Rd. Pikesville, MD